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Resveratrol’s method of action revealed 1
Researchers link resveratrol indirectly to a protein associated with aging.
Top 4 challenges facing global supply chains
Despite what many U.S. consumers seem to think, their supplements' ingredients come from outside the U.S., and, increasingly, the finished products come from other countries as well.
Is the future of antioxidants in fighting inflammation? 1
In the past 15 years, antioxidants have soared on promises that remained mostly unfulfilled, and crashed on doubts that were overstated. Where do antioxidants fit today in the palette of functional ingredients?
Danish study confirms telomere length, healthy-aging connection
A new published study finds a direct link between the length of telomeres, the end-caps of DNA, and increased risks of heart attack and death. Find out what science-backed ingredients are tops when it comes to slowing cellular aging, and the companies that are formulating with them.
NIH resveratrol study raises varied concerns among experts
A new study by the National Institutes of Health sheds light on the action of resveratrol in cells. One resveratrol supplier has hailed the results, while another believes it promotes a pharmaceutical application, as opposed to a dietary supplement.
CRN has 'very constructive' meeting with FDA on NDI issue 3
The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) recently discussed its concerns about the New Dietary Ingredients draft guidance with the FDA. Although the issue has inflamed industry, CRN President Steve Mister said it is still possible to negotiate with the agency.
Nutracon 2012: How lutein and zeaxanthin team up for eye health
Health care practitioners are finally seeing the light as far as carotenoids are concerned.
Will sustainability issues spoil omega-3s future? 1
Will sustainability be a big issue for omega-3s in 2012? See what suppliers have to say.
NEJM article calls for premarket approval of supplements 1
The natural industry has reacted strongly to a New England Journal of Medicine article calling for FDA premarket approval of dietary supplements. Should responsible supplement manufacturers be punished because of a few rogue companies that sell adulterated products?
Nutracon 2012: Supplementing health with omega-3s 2
William S. Harris, PhD, looks at how the dietary supplements industry can improve consumers' omega-3 levels without drastically impacting their diets.
Spiked weight loss supplements make waves on Dr. Oz Show
Recently on the Dr. Oz Show, a series of weight loss supplements were tested and found adulterated with undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients. The guest who conducted the tests, however, believes industry and FDA have the tools to make things better.
Hatch, Harkin pressure FDA to withdraw NDI guidance
Sens. Orrin Hatch and Tom Harkin have called on FDA to immediately withdraw its draft NDI guidance. The senators said the guidance does not match their intent when they wrote DSHEA, and asked for a meeting soon with FDA to discuss a rewrite of the guidance.
What U.S. supplement regulations loom large in 2012?
While the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) draft guidance will dominate the regulatory picture, other issues, such as adverse event reporting, will compete for attention this year.
Dietary supplement industry agrees: NDIs need a do-over
The comments are in and the dietary supplement industry's verdict is clear: The NDI draft guidance is so flawed that a complete rewrite is needed, and FDA should withdraw the guidance now, so that it is clear the the document will not be used as a basis for enforcement in the interim.
CRN tells FDA it's time to start over on NDIs
The Council for Responsible Nutrition has called on FDA to withrdraw the NDI draft guidance.
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