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Can supplements be transparent when going non-GMO? 1
Supplements are notoriously difficult to certify as non-GMO. But educating consumers throughout the verification process builds trust and transparency.
Kashi company involved in natural lawsuit.
7 notable lawsuits in the struggle to define natural  1
This list re-caps a sampling of notable natural lawsuits.
Are non-GMO Cheerios stirring up the natural industry? 4
General Mills recently announced that their Original Cheerios will soon be GMO free—a move that non-GMO advocates have applauded. But the announcement has conjured more questions than answers.
Top weight loss news of 2013

With New Year's resolutions mere days away, let's take a look back at notable weight loss research from 2013. 

WhiteWave Foods acquires Earthbound Farm
What can we expect from the acquisition of Earthbound Farm and WhiteWave?
The repercussions of front-of-package labeling 
Loren Israelsen offers insight on the recently proposed Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2013.
7 ways to jumpstart your holiday marketing

With just more than a week until Thanksgiving, shoppers are in turkey mode. But chances are, you've probably been thinking about Christmas time for months now. Now's the time to prepare your holiday marketing materials. Need some inspiration? Take a hint from online retailer Abe's Market, whose pin-up inspired "Dishing Dirty" campaign combines conscious shopping, eating, and waste reduction with a hefty dose of cheeky witticisms.

6 certification labels on the rise  4
Discover how certification labels help feed consumer demand for responsibly produced products.
Front-of-package labels back in the spotlight
A new bill proposes that food products should carry a standardized, front-of-pack label to inform shoppers about healthier choices.
6 top beverages from Expo East 2013 
Editor Jenna Blumenfeld sipped and slurped her way through Natural Products Expo East 2013 to seek the most interesting new natural beverages. Here are some of her favorites.
USDA announces U.S.-Japan organic equivalency 
Today at Natural Products Expo East the USDA revealed a new U.S.-Japan partnership for the National Organic Program.
18 Expo East products giving back 
What could be better than a sneak peek at some of what you can look forward to seeing at Natural Products Expo East? A preview of products from conscious companies that care about the big picture that zooms out from the day to day to look at and consider every person and process their brands touch.
How GMOs forced farmers onto a soil-ruining herbicide treadmill  1
Chuck Benbrook, program leader for Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, is one of the United State’s premier researchers on how genetic engineering impacts pesticide use. Here, we pick his brain about GMOs, and hear his advice for sustainable farming into the future.
Can Chobani quench their GMO fire?  5
Greek yogurt maven Chobani is facing criticism by advocacy group, GMO Inside. Here's how the company is responding—and cultivating consumer trust.

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