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Unboxed: 12 natural chips, beverages and more
New on Unboxed, natural food and beverage reviews, this week's haul of natural products impressed with clean-label ingredients and functional add-ins (such as GoodBelly's new portable juices).
A new wave of grains
Ancient grains like amaranth, millet, teff, farro, Kamut wheat and sorghum mature from bulk-bin staples into mainstream packaged food ingredients.
Q&A: LOLIWARE co-founder on Shark Tank success, future growth
Shark Tank was good to LOLIWARE, makers of edible party cups. Here, co-founder Chelsea Briganti talks future plans and her tried-and-true advice to woo investors.
Vegan products spotted at Expo East 2015
Vegan products resonate with consumers, whether the aim is to eat a more plant-based diet or concerns surrounding sustainability and animal rights. Check out where vegan products were seen at Natural Products Expo East 2015.
Top paleo finds at Expo East 2015
The most innovative paleo brands at Expo East were creating primal versions of comfort foods ranging from nut-based paleo granola to fruit-and-seed snacks.
4 successful natural food packaging updates
Consumers can make purchasing decisions in a matter of seconds. These new packaging updates better communicate not just what's inside but also the products' values and sourcing practices.
Probiotics proliferate at Expo East 2015
Getting to the gut of shoppers' demands for healthful yeast and bacteria--also known as probiotics--is what many products spotted at Natural Products Expo East 2015 are hoping to do.
16 top special-diet foods spotted at Expo East 2015
These excellent vegan and paleo finds feature unexpected ingredient applications (beans in brownies! coconut flour in pizza crust!) and nutrient-dense formulations.
Grass-fed meat and dairy reign at Expo East 2015
In addition to alleviating fears of GMO feed, “grass-fed” connotes that animals were raised on pasture rather than feedlots. Here, find our favorite foods with grass-fed claims from Natural Products Expo East 2015.
Unboxed: 11 new meat alternatives, bars and beverages
A new vegan meat replacement? A better-for-you frozen breakfast food? These new natural products lead in innovation and taste.
Let the pumpkin-flavored craze begin
New sales data from Nielsen shows consumers are crazed for pumpkin-flavored products.
The non-GMO movement is more than a public relations war 1
The natural food movement isn't a fad. It's about deep values that relate to health, stewardship and the environment.
Consumers are concerned about food waste—and it's changing how natural does business
Nearly half of all food produced is wasted. Here's how dumpster divers, freegans and zero wasters are making an impact on natural.
20 brand new products you'll find at Expo East 2015 1
Here's a first look at some of the new items you'll see on the 2015 Natural Products Expo East show floor. From natural foods to supplements, our editors selected the products you need to see in Baltimore.
21 new holiday foods & beverages to stock this winter
Though your customers are still buying barbeque supplies, August is a good time to start planning your selection of holiday-specific foods and beverages.
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