Jenna Blumenfeld

Senior Food Editor,
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Unboxed: 12 new natural products that pack a nutritional punch 1
This week on Unboxed, we review natural food and beverage products that feature super-charged nutrition.
Want to strengthen organic? Grow organic supply chains 2
Whether big operations or small family farms, more organic farmland means more organic food for all.
Unboxed: 15 new natural products in pouches 2
We review products in pouches—the popular food and beverage packaging that's convenient, and lighter than jars and cans (read: a smaller carbon footprint during shipping).
New plant-based foods tap classic ingredients, next-gen formulations to reach new markets
A peculiar phenomenon is occurring in the plant-based category. While just 5 percent of the U.S. population claims to follow a vegetarian diet, meat-eating consumers increasingly buy vegan and vegetarian products.
Food sustainability rating system hits the shelf rather than the package
We asked Alexander Gillett, founder of HowGood, why a rating system was needed to inform customers “how good” a food product is, and why foods should be rated in terms of sustainability.
8 future diet fads you need to know
Have you heard about the Twilight Diet? (Don't worry, we hadn't either). We had some fun creating this list of crazy diet fads we really hope don't catch on.
5 fresh juices to boost your cold case
The juice market has come a long way from sugary-sweet, high-gylcemic-index beverages. The products now offered range from chia-enriched chewable juices to antioxidant-high acai berry boosters. Here are a few of our favorites.
Demand for healthier juice options is on the rise 2
Sales of refrigerated high-pressure processed juice are growing fast as mainstream shoppers opt to slurp their way to good health. Which products are topping consumers fresh picks list?
You can (and should) visit a slaughterhouse 2
One slaughterhouse allows visitors to view their processing facilities. Is this type of food transparency (literally) overkill?
Fruits, herbs, flowers drive beverage innovation at Expo West 2015
New Hope Natural Media food editors Jenna Blumenfeld and Elisa Bosley explain how new natural and organic drink manufacturers are boosting nutrition and flavor with fruits, adaptogenic herbs and even flowers at Natural Products Expo West 2015.
Elisa Bosley and Jenna Blumenfeld
Healthy snacking options at Expo West 2015
The snack category is booming and new natural products are hitting shelves every day. Here are some of our food editors' favorite snack foods from Natural Products Expo West 2015.
Sip on these 12 new drinks from Expo West 2015
New natural beverages that debuted at Natural Products Expo West 2015 surprised with unique ingredients, flavor profiles and functionality. Foods including baobab, reishi mushroom, maca root and add-ins such as flower essences were incorporated in drinks as a way to stand out in a challenging category. These delicious, healthy drinks were some of our favorites.
Jenna Blumenfeld and Elisa Bosley
Dairy at Expo West 2015
Elisa Bosley and Jenna Blumenfeld took to the show floor in search of new dairy products. Here's what they found!
10 caveman-approved paleo products at Expo West 2015
Natural products that appeal to the paleo population were everywhere at Expo West 2015. Some paleo brands—which exclude dairy, grains, legumes (and obviously fillers or stabilizers) that a person living 10,000 years ago wouldn't recognize—highlighted their caveman suitability by placing "primal" or "paleo" on their packaging.
10 delicious vegan foods at Expo West 2015 3
The wealth of animal-free foods and beverages at Natural Products Expo West was extensive. These tasty products represent the crème de la coconut milk crème of the vegan category. Share your favorite vegan products exhibited at Expo West in the Comments below!
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