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5 ways to understand & attract Millennials  4
By 2020, Millennials over the age of 25 will make up 19 percent of the U.S. population, and are expected to increase grocery spending by $50 billion. How can you make sure your store has a piece of the Millennial pie? First, understand how this fickle demographic regards food, health and wellness.
What you (and your customers) should know about GMOs 
You likely hear customers talking about GMOs on a daily basis. But what are they really? How are they made? Where do they come from? And are they cause for concern? Use this GMO primer to help clear the confusion.
Connecticut, Maine pass GMO labeling laws 
Both Connecticut and Maine have passed bills to require GMO labeling. What state will be next? And how will state labeling initiatives impact federal laws?
5 field-tested, natural fitness enhancers
Participation has skyrocketed in ultra-endurance activities like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, IronMan and marathons nationwide, and with it, the desire for natural fitness enhancers. We test-drove a few of these energizers on a particularly arduous bike ride. Read how they stacked up, so you know what to stock.
Say what? GMO wheat found in Oregon 2
The discovery of genetically engineered wheat growing near an Oregon farm has spurred a huge USDA investigation, mainstream media coverage, a loss of foreign wheat importers and something else: a re-energized non-GMO movement.
Rodale launches natural e-commerce website
Rodale's new website selling natural-living items reflects the growing consumer desire to live an organic life.
Danone acquires natural baby brand, Happy Family 2
Paris-based Groupe Danone recently bought Happy Family. Will the acquisition undermine the organic baby brand's values? Not a chance, says founder and CEO Shazi Visram.
Reach and educate the next generation with humor
You're likely paying attention to the Millennial demographic. But shouldn't you give some love to your future shoppers, teens and tweens? Take a cue from this clever Abe's market campaign.
How will Whole Foods Market's GMO labeling impact industry?
How will Whole Foods Market's GMO labeling impact industry?
Whole Foods' recent announcement to label GMOs excited the natural industry. During the next five years, how will the initiative affect the Non-GMO Project, and what can we expect from manufacturers?
Grow your brand with Slow Money and the Soil Trust
Slow Money is bringing business financing down to earth—literally. Newhope360 looks at this new form of social investing that connects small food entrepreneurs with farmers, processors, manufacturers and restaurants.
11 new thirst-quenching beverages from Expo West 2013
These superb sippers made impressed at Natural Products Expo West 2013 for their innovation, ingredients, and, of course, taste.
Judge smothers NYC soda ban at eleventh hour 1
New York City's soda ban was smothered at the eleventh hour. What's in store for Bloomberg's initiative?
EWG and Just Label It to tag-team GMO labeling
EWG and Just Label It to tag-team GMO labeling 1
The Environmental Working Group and Organic Voices, the organization behind the Just Label It campaign, plan to join forces in the fight for GMO labeling and organic awareness. Why are these natural influencers teaming up now? And what does it mean for natural companies and retailers?
5 natural living products to see at Expo West 2013
These new sustainable and eco-friendly products will soon be seen in a home near you; but first, a preview at Natural Products Expo West 2013.
Millennials: Our voices, our values 
New Hope's crack team of Millennial-aged researchers investigate the how-to's of marketing to this fickle but promising consumer group.

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