Jenna Blumenfeld

Senior Food Editor
New Hope Natural Media
Articles by Jenna Blumenfeld
Infographic: 2 of 3 Americans concerned about household toxins
A new study by Seventh Generation shows that Americans may be more concerned about nontoxic living than previously thought. What does this mean for your business?
NPA’s John Shaw discusses stance on Prop 37 7
John Shaw, NPA executive director and CEO, illuminates why the trade association reached its decision to oppose Prop 37 and delves into the nitty-gritty details of the ballot’s possible repercussions.
6 healthy living products to see at Expo East 2012
Our healthy living editor previews five of the eco-friendly products you should check out at Natural Products Expo East 2012.
Organic isn't healthier? The natural industry begs to differ 7
Admist a flurry of negative media attention for Stanford's study finding that organic produce is not "healthier" than conventional, thought leaders in the natural industry respond with compelling reasons to still choose, support and foster organics.
OMG, it's a GMO rap video! 4
The newsical "OMG GMOS!" hits YouTube and the New York Times to educate a youthful demographic about genetically modified organisms.
Crazy claims Olympians & athletes make about nutrition and supplements 1
As the 2012 London Olympics come to a close, we highlight decorated dopers in sports. Athletes often claim ignorance by blaming adulterated supplements—but how much is fact vs. fiction?
Eat like an Olympian: Top sports nutrition trends
From junk food to organic, Olympians’ nutritional strategies vary as much as the sports they play. As sports nutrition gets cleaner, we take a look at how Olympians and athletes get their fuel.
4 sustainable lunch box essentials for kids
Use these convenient lunch box products to foster a more sustainable lifestyle for your kids.
Do certification labels really matter?
While eco labels are skyrocketing in popularity, do they have tangible benefits for farmers? Editor Jenna Blumenfeld traveled to Guatemala to find out
5 eco-friendly picnic products
These handy kitchenware items are not only stylish but are also kind and friendly to the environment.
6 weight loss marketing trends to avoid 1
From misleading advertising to products that simply don't do what they claim, here's what your business can learn from bogus weight loss products.
Senate rejects proposed GMO farm bill amendment 11
This morning, the Senate rejected an amendment to the farm bill which would have granted states the right to label genetically engineered ingredients on food and beverages. Without federal support, should the non-GMO movement focus more on labeling initiatives at the statewide level?
6 health-related marketing blunders to avoid 1
Our editors choose their favorite, awesomely bad marketing mistakes in the health and nutrition space. Your takeaway: Don't follow these examples.
9 natural Father's Day gifts 2
Looking for Father's Day gift ideas? Check out our natural selections.
7 nutritious plant-based proteins 1
Choose interesting plant-based proteins for optimal vegan and vegetarian health.

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