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Hey, hot stuff! 5 sauces your customers will love 
Hot peppers mingle with sweet fruits, ethnic spices and more to fuel American’s obsession for fiery condiments. According to IBIS World, hot sauce production increased 3.6 percent in the United States from 2009 to 2014. Here are five to heat up your sales.
Spicy sauces gain traction with natural customers 
Both hot sauces and spiced condiments are experiencing solid growth. In 2013, sales surpassed $129 million, a 16.6 percent increase over 2012, according to Nutrition Business Journal. We explore why they're hot and which ones you might want to stock.
Jimmy Kimmel reveals how confused people really are about GMOs 1
Research shows that 92 percent of Americans want genetically modified organisms labeled in food products. But do consumers truly know what they are? Or why they're controversial?
When conventional brands adopt natural industry values 5
When conventional brands like McDonald's and Cheerios adopt natural industry values and morals, inauthenticity ensues.
Which food rating system is best?
In light of the Environmental Working Group's recently launched food scoring system, we wonder: How does it stack up against existing food ratings? Here, find the pros and cons of food labeling systems that have been voluntarily adopted by manufacturers and retailers over the years.
EWG launches new food scoring system 1
EWG's new food scoring system holistically examines food products.
Debunking 3 anti-GMO labeling ad claims 4
Anti-GMO labeling campaigns are outspending advocates by more than 3 to 1 to get their negative messages about GMO labeling out to Colorado and Oregon residents. Longtime anti-GMO expert Steve Hoffman is here to help clear up some of the claims their ads make.
Unboxed: 6 new cereals, snacks, beverages and more
Unboxed 8: This week on Unboxed, ancient grains reigned. Both hot and cold cereals employed the nutritional power of chia, amaranth, KAMUT wheat, flax seed, and ramón—coffee-flavored seeds that hail from Central America.
Chipotle, Ben & Jerry's reinvigorate GMO labeling efforts
Just weeks before the November election, natural industry companies energize Colorado and Oregon's GMO labeling bills by publically supporting the initiatives.
Unboxed: 7 new soups, snacks, mixes and more
This week's Unboxed includes great package redesigns, healthy snacks with straightforward ingredients, new USDA Organic certifications and more.
Crickets on a (JetBlue) plane!
Starting in 2015, JetBlue will offer snack boxes that contain EXO cricket bars. Here's why the natural industry should celebrate.
How the non-GMO movement came to be [Timeline]
How did GMOs work their way into our food supply anyway? This timeline provides a comprehensive understanding of where the non-GMO movement has been—and where it's going.
Unboxed: 11 new natural sweeteners, breakfasts, milks and more
Unboxed, Edition 6: In this gallery series, each week Senior Food Editor Jenna Blumenfeld unboxes the piles of natural and organic products she receives to provide her opinion and identify food trends.
Monsanto donates $6.2 million to Colorado and Oregon GMO labeling bills
With November voting a mere month away, biotech and conventional food brands are ramping up campaign spending to prevent Oregon and Colorado from passing GMO labeling laws.
Non-GMO initiatives and products gain traction 
Sales of Non-GMO Project Verified products grew a whopping 99 percent in 2013.
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