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Cosmetics giant Avon ditches triclosan
As another mass personal care manufacturer shows it’s listening to consumer concern, natural brands should focus on messaging and innovation to stay ahead.
10 natural beauty picks from Expo West
From cosmetic mushrooms and juice-inspired natural scents to biodynamic skin care and bath soaks for the healthy lifestyle, check out this year’s natural beauty A-List from Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim.
Natural beauty pioneer Horst Rechelbacher dies at 72
Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients, died Sunday at 72, but leaves a legacy of natural beauty innovation.
Healthy detox and weight loss education tools download
Detox and weight loss resolutions are in full swing. But the harsh reality is that only 8 percent of us achieve them. This free Healthy Detox and Weight Loss Tool Kit is packed with employee and customer education materials focused on research-backed supplements, delicious food ideas and important stats to promote health success in 2014.
2014's best natural beauty products to stock now
Stock your stores with these brands—this year’s Delicious Living Beauty & Body Awards winners
5 biggest safe cosmetics victories of 2013
From retail standards to manufacturer reformulations and updated legislation, we take a look back at last year's most significant personal care industry news.
Healthy detox and weight loss education tools 4
This free Healthy Detox and Weight Loss Tool Kit is packed employee and customer education focused on research-backed supplements, delicious food ideas and important stats to promote health success in 2014.
Healthy detox and weight loss Twitter chat 1
As part of a month-long program dedicated to free healthy detox and weight loss education, we're hosting a Twitter chat to answer top questions on the category.
Top 10 natural beauty trends of 2013
This year, a beautiful dichotomy was in full effect, expanding an already vibrant and dynamic category. Natural beauty’s standout trends highlight both a simple approach to ingredients and increasingly sophisticated concepts focused on science and results.
3 resources for green chemistry and transparency
Natural Foods Merchandiser explored green chemistry in its November edition. Here are additional resources to learn more about the topic.
Why green chemistry can unlock your store’s sustainable future 
A little-known philosophy known as "green chemistry" has advanced green cleaning and beauty products. What is it and should you worry about stocking it in your store?
8 great beauty finds at Natural Products Expo East 
From patented manufacturing processes to unique botanicals, natural beauty was in the spotlight at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. These eight picks stood out with mission, quality and innovation.
How your company can support GMO transparency
Once a grassroots effort from a few independent retailers, the non-GMO movement is stronger than ever--and all month long we've partnered with leading non-GMO brands to provide the information you need to get involved.
Procter & Gamble cleans up its act by eliminating triclosan and phthalates
Times are a changing—and the latest announcement from Procter & Gamble proves that even the biggest corporations are cleaning up their practices and investing in safer alternatives.
Green chemistry bubbles over with opportunity
Green chemistry bubbles over with opportunity 
As more and more personal care and cleaning manufacturers look for nontoxic alternatives, the emerging world of green chemistry continues to be at the heart of innovation.

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