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5 minutes with Jay Coen Gilbert
More natural brands are pursuing B-Corp Certification. What does the new label tell shoppers about a company?
9 ways to boost employee morale on a budget
When your employees are happy and eager to help others achieve their wellness goals, the entire environment within your store shines.
How can retail reduce food waste?
How can retail reduce food waste?
Food waste is in rampant in America. We sit down with food waste expert Jonathon Bloom to discuss how you can reduce food waste in your store.
What's your store's "showrooming" strategy?
What's your store's "showrooming" strategy?
Though showrooming is a reality, capitalizing on your unique offerings and continuing to improve the shopping experience will keep customers coming back. Make your store a destination with these 9 tips.
Using consumer psychology in your store to influence buying
The author of Marketing Nutrition explains how to use consumer psychology to your store's benefit.
Merchandising for special diets: gluten free, dairy free, vegan and more 2
Learning from other retailers—and veteran special-diets shoppers—can help you set up your store to appeal to gluten free, vegan and dairy free shoppers.
Natural retail pioneer Sandy Gooch offers reflections, predictions
Natural products retailer Sandy Gooch set such high standards in her day that industry leaders referred to the best items as being "Goochable." Here the industry standard-bearer offers her view of today and tomorrow.
9 ways to prepare your store for extreme weather events
What's your business' disaster preparedness plan look like? Here's some advice from experts in that arena to build or tweak yours.
Tips for retailers to promote U.S.-made, local products
Americans are willing to pay more for products made domestically, and natural retailers can rock the cause by promoting the economic, environmental and social benefits.
POS programs can offer serious profit-boosting potential.
How a POS system can maximize your store's profits 1
Three experts share the best ways to use a point-of-sale (POS) system to bolster business and, ultimately, put more money in your registers.
Does organic need a campaign like 'Got Milk?'
You’re likely familiar with the industry campaigns “Got Milk?” and “Pork: The Other White Meat.” What if organic invested in something similar?
3 tips for a successful Expo East 2
Follow these three easy tips to ensure an awesome experience at Expo East this year.
Making the most of Expo East with veteran retailer Debra Stark
We catch up with Debra Stark, a 23 year Expo East veteran. She talks with Natural Foods Merchandiser about Expo then and now and explains why the future looks bright for impassioned natural products retailers.
4 beyond-the-box urban stores
Lack of education and money isn't the only thing cramping the expansion of healthy food. Meet four natural retailers who are reimagining the concept of the urban grocery.
Expo West 2012: 6 things to know before you go 2
Here are 6 things you should know before you head to Anaheim for Natural Products Expo West 2012.

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