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Secret Shopper: Is honey GMO free?  2
As Americans become more concerned about genetically engineered food, NFM Secret Shopper investigates whether honey should be included in GMO concerns.
Expo West 2014 pre-show editor's picks: Food  1
Our editors (and their tastebuds) perked up when they tasted these nine new products, all of which will be exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West.
Retailer Roundtable: What events or speakers have brought in the most customers? 
Four retailers share what in-store events have been most successful at attracting customers.
Expo West events on the Grand Plaza
Get lively, get loose and get relaxed with these Grand Plaza events during Natural Products Expo West.
Retailer Roundtable: What do you hope to learn at Natural Products Expo West? 
Four retailers share what they're most looking forward to learning at Natural Products Expo West in March.
By the numbers: Counting cocoa’s cost 
How is the demand for cocoa affecting supplies and, ultimately, the cost to consumers?
Secret Shopper: How to answer questions about seaweed and radiation contamination 
As seaweed snacks grow in popularity, are your customers asking about radiation contamination? The NFM Secret Shopper learns how to address such concerns.
Retailer Roundtable: How do you show appreciation to your employees? 
Four natural products retailers share their insights on showing appreciation to employees.
NFM investigates weight-loss supplements
Secret Shopper: What will help me lose more weight—green coffee bean extract or raspberry ketones?  1
Green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones have been in the spotlight recently for their potential effectiveness in aiding weight loss, but is there substance behind the hype? NFM goes undercover to investigate.
Technology is changing how shoppers shop
How smartphones are changing retail 
Cold, hard cash is increasingly a thing of the past. New technologies like smartphones are quickly changing the way shoppers make their purchases.
Retailers who support local products
Retailer Roundtable: How do you support local year round? 
Natural products retailers share how they support locally made and locally grown products throughout the year.
Secret Shopper: What does fair trade really mean?  3
With more than one fair trade label on the market, which one should consumers trust? NFM goes undercover to investigate.
How "healthy" looks to shoppers on a food label
What are consumers really looking for on food labels and what terms do they associate with as healthy?
Retailer Roundtable: How does your store give back? 
Natural products retailers from around the country discuss how they give as much as they receive from their communities.
NFM Secret Shopper: Why should I pay more for a free-range turkey?  1
Free-range birds cost much more than conventional options. Are they really worth it? NFM goes undercover to investigate.

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