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Vitamin D may reduce premature delivery
New research suggests a strong association between low levels of vitamin D and preterm birth.
Berry’d treasure for women’s cardio health
New research supports cardio-boosting power of blueberries for older women.
Is vitamin D far more powerful than we thought?
Two California researchers' hypothesis that vitamin D may be a bigger player in mental health than previously believed gains traction.
The baby-saving powers of vitamin B
New research suggests vitamin B saves 1,300 babies from birth defects each year.
Puffing curcumin may blast Alzheimer’s
A new delivery method may be more effective than others in getting the compound past the blood-brain barrier and into the brain, where it can fight the plaque that leads to Alzheimer's.
More scientists excited about gut-brain axis
A bellyful of brain health potential
Pine bark extract may keep away colds
New research suggests the extract of French maritime pine bark may be a promising weapon against the common cold.
Daily avocados may lower cholesterol
Daily chips, not so much
FDA calculates junk food’s 'lost pleasure' in menu labeling rules
The FDA’s projected benefits of calorie labeling on menus still outweigh the expected industry costs and any lost pleasure combined.
Study: Fructose leads to the fridge 1
More research suggests that fructose, not glucose, makes us feel hungry and motivated to eat.
Stay slim with…spuds?
Scientists see potential for polyphenols from potatoes to be made available as a supplement or cooking ingredient for weight management.
Brain preservative roundup
In a new review of ingredients that may slow cognitive aging, bacopa and pine bark seem most promising.
(O)Mega sales: $4.48 billion by 2020
A new market report predicts 13.1 percent growth and $4.48 billion in sales for fatty acid supplements by 2020.
Ingredient Market Forecast 2015-16: The gold rush is on with curcumin 1
With studies piling up and researchers solving curcumin’s natural challenges, what could possibly blemish this golden ingredient’s future?
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