Shara Rutberg

Walnuts may crack Alzheimer’s
More research says nutty brains are better
Prebiotics may help fight childhood obesity
Bugs before buffet cut intake (no, not crickets)
Pregnant women missing omega-3s
Eat salmon, supps, while spawning
Rooting for happiness
Roses are red, may fight the blues
Milk for your brain?
Got antioxidants?
Zinc deficiency may yield abundance of disease
Why there should be oysters on the Early Bird Special
Vitamin D may stymie prostate cancer
Small study, big hopes
Polyphenols protect jocks
Shave days off your (sick) time
Celiac sufferers’ newest friends: Hookworms?
Much grosser than cricket energy bars
Turmeric may help stroke, Alzheimer’s
New research finds that turmerone, a compound in turmeric, may be a powerful tool in fighting neurodegenerative disease.
Slaying prostate cancer with saffron
New use for ancient medicine
A drinkable, probiotic HIV vaccine?
A French researcher has developed a drinkable probiotic vaccine that has helped monkeys ward off the simian version of HIV for four years.
Hops for your head
But you need to drink 528 gallons
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