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I've been writing on nutrition science news since 1997. Currently I'm editor-in-chief of Engredea, which includes Functional Ingredients magazine, Engredea Daily eNewsletter, NEXT Innovation Summit conference, Engredea Monograph series, and Engredea trade show linking suppliers and manufacturers in the global nutrition business. In addition, I'm supplements editor for and Natural Foods Merchandiser. Follow me on Twitter @ToddRunestad
My daily vitamin regime includes a quality multi, B complex, C with bioflavonoids, >2,000IU vitamin D, E, magnesium, high-selenium yeast, alpha-lipoic acid with carnitine, coQ10, fish oil concentrate, probiotics and some adaptogenic herbs. 
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Adulteration: It’s worse than you think. But maybe it’s getting better
Looking under the hood of the botanicals world reveals much work still to be done. So maybe the NY AG is doing herbal operators a favor?
Surprisingly, DNA barcoding is not perfekt
DNA barcoding is a lot trickier than most people realize, and according to one professor who uses it in her lab, “The data is not reliable enough to launch lawsuits.”
Friday the 13th spells bad news for omega-3s
Negative media is mounting on omega-3s. Here's the background you should know to keep customers informed.
Will DNA barcoding crush small-time herbal operators?
Science and tech come at a price. Especially for small, traditional herbalists.
GNC details new quality plans
Retailer leading the way in DNA barcoding of botanical supplements. But that's not the half of it.
Nutrition is different than pharma. That's why clinical trials need to be designed differently.
Here's one thing that should make designers of nutrition-oriented clinical trials re-think what they're doing.
Attorneys general hear that spiking—not DNA barcoding—is where they can help police supplements
The question becomes, are attorneys general really interested in protecting consumer health, or just PR stunts to help their inevitable quest to become governors?
Herbal supplements targeted in today's attorneys general national meeting
State attorneys general are meeting today to assert authority over supplement regulation. Does the FDA even care about this turf war?
Take a tour inside supplement quality king Bluebonnet Nutrition
“We pick the best ingredients and then negotiate on price afterwards.”
Don’t make rookie mistakes marketing functional foods
5 tips for developing and marketing functional foods.
Segmenting sports nutrition products
From pre-workout to recovery, we've got the bases covered. That includes the one aspect of sports nutrition you haven't thought of but which is vital for playing.
Cognitive sup sales growing, can grow more
How much more can cognitive supplements grow?
Millennials demand transparency in supplements
Millennials want nutritional fortification, just not via pills. This opens opportunities for whole food supplements, functional foods and beverages, and alternative delivery formats such as gummies, satchels and powders.
11 revolutionary ingredient finds at SupplySide West
We searched the show floor at SupplySide West in Las Vegas. Here are 11 eye-opening ingredients that will drive innovation for your new product development efforts.
DNA barcode testing will rock the supplements industry
Next botanical to get hit? "Rhymes with cohosh." And after that?
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Feb 11, 2016
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The supplements opportunity in Asian markets

China's middle class is growing at the rate of a new Australia every year. Can that wealth be tapped by outside supplement companies?...More
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