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I've been writing on nutrition science news since 1997. Currently I'm editor-in-chief of Engredea, which includes Functional Ingredients magazine, Engredea Daily eNewsletter, NEXT Innovation Summit conference, Engredea Monograph series, and Engredea trade show linking suppliers and manufacturers in the global nutrition business. In addition, I'm supplements editor for and Natural Foods Merchandiser. Follow me on Twitter @ToddRunestad
My daily vitamin regime includes a quality multi, B complex, C with bioflavonoids, >2,000IU vitamin D, E, magnesium, high-selenium yeast, alpha-lipoic acid with carnitine, coQ10, fish oil concentrate, probiotics and some adaptogenic herbs. 
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The idea factory: Nutracon and SupplyExpo
Who doesn't leave the circus that is Anaheim truly inspired?
From the editor: The FDA's gonna hate me for this
Turns out nutrition can help to treat and cure after all. (Note to the FDA: I used the weasel word "help" – I'm good, right?)
The fun—and function—of resveratrol
Whether from red wine or supplements, resveratrol can add years to your life and life to your years. Suggest pinot noir or knotweed pills to customers, and sell them on the benefits of this hard-to-pronounce molecule.
From the editor: Faith in a bottle
Far too often dietary supplements are derided as "hope in a bottle."
The 10 commandments of ingredient sourcing 4
Thou shalt... thou shalt not in the functional ingredients industry
The new bible for the next year 8
The word on 2011 in the functional ingredients industry.
Will WikiLeaks cover vitamin D, please?
Why didn’t the Institute of Medicine at least mention that some ethnic groups, and people living north of certain latitudinal lines—some say Tennessee, others New York City—need more help attaining higher levels of the sunshine vitamin?
Ingredient research provides relief for digestive health problems
A look at current science, research and marketing challenges surrounding digestive health supplements and functional foods.
From the editor: La vita e bella (Life is beautiful)
Probiotic, when you break the word down to "pro" and "biotic," literally means "for life."
Vitamin D intake levels officially rise
The U.S. government panel in charge of setting recommended daily intake levels for vitamins today announced a large increase of vitamin D for all populations in North America — a tripling in the case of people age 1 to 50. Yet mainstream media outlets chose to tell a different story.
2010 Ingredients Market Overview: Recession, regulations, recovery
The regulatory pot is on full boil, with a new NDI guidance expected from FDA and FTC holding marketers' feet to the fire. Sales are holding strong for many ingredients, even with the potential double-dip recession. Fi editor-in-chief Todd Runestad gives you the scoop on where we've been and where we're heading.
Vitamin D recommendation could double
Current intake levels for vitamin D daily consumption could double when the U.S. Institute of Medicine makes its announcement at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Nov. 30.
Gluten-free products are more expensive
But just how much do gluten-free products cost?
Brain drinks, coconut water at forefront of beverage innovation
Believe it or not, the new age beverage space is full of innovation.
Supplements for healthy aging 1
Can natural functional ingredients help customers age gracefully? The evidence says “yes” if adding life to your years means staving off the chronic degenerative conditions of aging, such as vision loss, cognitive decline, and bone and joint degeneration.
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