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I've been writing on nutrition science news since 1997. Currently I'm editor-in-chief of Engredea, which includes Functional Ingredients magazine, Engredea Daily eNewsletter, NEXT Innovation Summit conference, Engredea Monograph series, and Engredea trade show linking suppliers and manufacturers in the global nutrition business. In addition, I'm supplements editor for and Natural Foods Merchandiser. Follow me on Twitter @ToddRunestad
My daily vitamin regime includes a quality multi, B complex, C with bioflavonoids, >2,000IU vitamin D, E, magnesium, high-selenium yeast, alpha-lipoic acid with carnitine, coQ10, fish oil concentrate, probiotics and some adaptogenic herbs. 
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Condition Specific 2013: Executive Summary 1
Functional Ingredients' eye is on the various condition-specific markets
Industry execs dish: 10 thoughts from thought leaders
What's on the minds of the best and brightest in the health-and-wellness arena?
A letter from the editor: September 2013
Evolution happens every day in the food and beverage world
Innovation lives! 1
In the last generation alone, we’ve seen the rise of fish oil. We’ve seen probiotics leave the yogurt container and make it into chocolate bars.
5 formulating tips using stevia as a sweetener source
Who uses stevia alone anymore? From use levels to mouthfeel, here's a handy cheat sheet to get you started using the original natural, no-calorie sweetener.
Traceability – it’s not just a good idea, it’s about to become the law 1
What's the best thing your company can do in a product recall situation?
The vitamin debate continues  2
There is a wide gulf between the minimum required to prevent a deficiency disease and the greater amount desired for an optimal state of health.
Krill wars: hardball on the high seas 
Can one krill supplier really vote all other krill suppliers off the island?
Supplement innovations: PQQ spells cognitive enhancement 2
Pyrroloquinoline quinone, or PQQ, is a nutrient with significant implications for mitochondrial health
Letter from the editor: June 2013
What's the answer to formulating a solid product?
Letter from the editor: May 2013
There is an X Factor in bridging nutrition science with product development.
What can reinvigorate the botanicals category?
Botanical sales are up about 5 percent this past year. Are adulterated powders damaging botanicals’ prospects?
Mineral makers 
The advantages of chelated minerals are many. Here's the story, straight from the sources.
You can’t exercise if you’re sick
Everyone knows that protein and recovery products help rebuild muscles and replace nutrients. But what about immune health?
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