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I've been writing on nutrition science news since 1997. Currently I'm editor-in-chief of Engredea, which includes Functional Ingredients magazine, Engredea Daily eNewsletter, NEXT Innovation Summit conference, Engredea Monograph series, and Engredea trade show linking suppliers and manufacturers in the global nutrition business. In addition, I'm supplements editor for and Natural Foods Merchandiser. Follow me on Twitter @ToddRunestad
My daily vitamin regime includes a quality multi, B complex, C with bioflavonoids, >2,000IU vitamin D, E, magnesium, high-selenium yeast, alpha-lipoic acid with carnitine, coQ10, fish oil concentrate, probiotics and some adaptogenic herbs. 
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Mice make like Methuselah when fed multivitamin mix
Mice fed a once-a-day multivitamin containing 30 common nutritional ingredients lived 11 per cent longer and showed no
Weight management products get judged live at Nutracon Slim Slam
How to know if the latest, greatest ingredient has the cache you need to either bring your product to market or get
Expo West to highlight trends in the supplements world
The show floor at Expo West opens soon - just enough time to brush up on hot trends and new developments in the
Natural sweeteners take a bite out of artificial
Stevia leads a pack of zero- or no-calorie natural sweeteners.
Rochette claims bronze, world's embrace
Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette claimed the bronze medal in the women's figure skating finals. She also
Rochette turns in memorable Olympic moment
The Canadian crowd cheered as Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette took to the ice Tuesday night for the short
Del Bosco biffs it in finals
Canadian ski-crosser Chris Del Bosco isn't the type to settle for third place. With the bronze medal all but assured and the finish line in sight, Del Bosco
Del Bosco biffs it in finals
Canadian ski-cross finalist Chris Del Bosco had the bronze medal in the bag when he took a dramatic spill just before
Not all branded ingredients are equal
With more brand names popping up every day, it's hard to tell which products have the scientific research and quality
Bioenergy Ribose helps gain bronze
American moguls skier Shannon Bahrke won the bronze medal in women's moguls at the Vancouver winter Olympics on
Podcast: New regulations could upend industry
Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 Q&A with Steve Mister, CEO of Council for Responsible Nutrition. All
New nutrients for joint health
For manufacturers looking to tweak joint-health supplement formulations or retailers who want to offer something new and efficacious besides the standard glucosamine and chondroitin, we unveil what’s new and validated.
Enter the matrix of joint health
While manufacturers continue to tack on an increasing number of ingredients—including frankincense, curcumin and
Is your brand branded?
In the last year or so, commodity ingredients have begun donning the outward mantle of being branded - clever name,
'Wise men' ingredients for joint health
From frankincense to egg shells, Science Editor Todd Runestad surveys the possibilities for manufacturers looking to
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