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Jul 28, 2011

Farm Aid meshes music with mission

Music so deeply touches so many people across so many demographics, and if that connection incites awareness of the need to protect family farmers,....More
Jul 27, 2011

8 articles about veganism worth reading1

Flirting with the idea of going vegan? Learn more about the health benefits and nutrition basics in this article roundup....More
Jul 26, 2011

The foundation of innovation is functional ingredients

As the quintessential functional ingredient caffeine shows, the path to ingredient innovation can be riddled with missteps. But ultimately, if you....More
Jul 25, 2011

Which supplement delivery format is best?2

Do you often wonder whether you should tell a customer to take a pill, capsule, liquid or meltaway? Find out a key advantage of each....More
Jul 24, 2011

The perils of self-diagnosing on the Internet

A recent crop of commenters on press releases published on NewHope360 reveals personal health issues that should be solved by doctors. Who is....More
Jul 24, 2011

Supplements' future lies in consumer education2

A common theme that ran through discussions at the 14th annual NBJ Summit was the need for not only more research around the effectiveness of....More
Jul 22, 2011

5 summer food trends ready to rock retail

Trend spotters from across the country zero-in on the flavors and foods consumers will be seeking throughout 2011 and into next year. Do you carry....More
Jul 21, 2011

Natural products industry, meet the Hispanic community

Hey natural products community, the time to reach out to the Hispanic community is NOW. They've got the the buying power, the population numbers and....More
Jul 20, 2011

The growth of farm-fresh cosmetics1

As the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 puts pressure on every phase of the production chain, one beauty company proves that the key to success is staying....More

Meta-analysis claims its latest victim: glucosamine1

A poorly done meta-analysis in the British Medical Journal incorrectly concluded that glucosamine is ineffective in supporting joint health. The....More
Jul 19, 2011

Help consumers take control of their future wellness

In research that NewHope360 conducted earlier this year, we discovered that people want to live a healthier lifestyle. But in addition to ailments,....More
Jul 15, 2011

Can local, organic food be affordable to all? Hardwick, Vermont, works to find out.1

A small Vermont town at the epicenter of America's local, organic food movement grapples with a question near and dear to me and other New Hope....More
Jul 14, 2011

NBJ's advice on NDIs

So what's the bottom line with NDIs?....More
Jul 14, 2011

Think before you leap on NDIs3

Are we overreacting to the FDA's draft guidance on New Dietary Ingredients? Before you do, get informed because only a thoughtful response will....More
Jul 13, 2011

4 myths about veganism debunked by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau1

You've heard the myths, now get the truth from vegan and cook Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, who spoke at 2011 VegFest Colorado on why a plant-based diet....More
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