Kelsey Blackwell

Senior Editor , Natural Foods Merchandiser

As Natural Foods Merchandiser’s food editor, Blackwell has the enviable job of scoping out, trying and writing about what consumers will soon want to be filling their carts with. When she's not writing about food, nutrition or legislative issues, she's experimenting in the kitchen or scoping out trends in restaurants across the country. 

Posts by Kelsey Blackwell

in New Hope 360 Blog Nov 29, 2011

Why I'm going vegan

Is it time to ditch animal-products? Mounting research, many natural products retailers and many of my friends seem to think so....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Nov 21, 2011

Retailers race for shoppers' Black Friday dollars

While early openings may help some retailers ring up post-Turkey Day sales, what can natural stores do year-round to stay competitive?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Nov 07, 2011

Is estrogen-free soy legit?

EarthSpring Foods claims to have figured out how to strip phytoestrogen from soybeans....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Oct 31, 2011

Food fright in the produce section

Rather than develop better-for-us products, Kraft and other finished-goods manufacturers want to give processed foods the illusion of "health" by....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Oct 24, 2011

Boulder Pitch Slam catapults natural brands

The Naturally Boulder Pitch Slam has proven a bellwether of coming trends and products within the naturals arena. Who took home the $26,000 in cash....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Oct 17, 2011

Survey shows Boulder voters favor GMOs?

A recent Boulder County, Colo., survey shows, by a narrow margin, that voters support the planting of genetically modified crops. What could these....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Oct 07, 2011

California paves the way for GM labeling

If approved, a new ballot initiative in California could turn the tide against genetically modified foods in America....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Sep 22, 2011

Are retailers doing all they can to combat GMOs?

Non-profit activist groups are calling on naturals stores to stop stocking GM-contaminated products, but is addressing this issue really that easy?....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Sep 09, 2011

GMOs won't feed the world, but a less wasteful food system could

In the film Dive, Jeremy Seifert and his family of three eat high on the hog from his midnight raiding of Trader Joe's dumpsters. How can retailers....More
in New Hope 360 Blog Aug 26, 2011

Non-GMO movement gets its protest song

As more crops are deregulated, UNFI rep Barclay Neumann pens a song for change to spread the non-GMO message....More

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