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Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 11, 2013

I haven't seen anything definitive that shows aronia has more antioxidants than acai. Acai has omegas, how about aronia? Realize that acai is a staple food in parts of the world, eaten everyday, aronia is not. Also, aronia tends to be like the domestic blueberry, making fertilizer and pesticide use unavoidable. I've yet to see organic aronia. Finally, acai actually helps protect the rainforests so you get a good vibe buy helping mother earth in addition to its off-the-charts nutrition.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 13, 2013

There are definitely Organic Aronia Berries and they don't require a lot of fertilizer to grow them and insects don't bother them at all so no pesticides are used. Acai loses a lot of its antioxidants when high heat is used to remove it from the big hard seed and the ORAC of aronia berries is 16,062 and blueberry is 6,552 but I don't know acai but I am sure it is lower than aronia. Organic aronia berry farms are sustainable agriculture for the small farmer in the USA.

on Mar 15, 2013

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